Tajni agenci

Tajni agenci


Oczywiście – to nie żart – w rzeczywistości …ale tutaj to zabawa. Znakomicie ukryły się zwierzaczki na tych fotografiach.


Po prawej jest żyrafa… a na dalszych fotkach … pobawmy się w „bystrzaków”
















Zdjęcia z zasobów internetu

Numery listy nie odpowiadają kolejnym zdjęciom – dla utrudnienia – rzecz jasna

Can you spot the „invisible” animals”! A wild life photographer’s pictures of animals trying to hide from predator

No 1: Giraffe. 
No 2: A wolf peering out from trees. 
No 3: Can you spot the caiman?
No 4: Tricky one this! Can you find the owl!
No 5: Dont know what a pika is but it’s hiding in here somewhere!
No 6: Can you find the snake by his eyes!
No 7: How about the leopard?
No 8 A Squirrel?
No 9: Wow this owl is amazing!
No 10: There’s definitely a spotted deer in here! Honest!
No 11: A white tailed ptarmigan!
How many? Would you believe a flock of 6? Look closer!
No 12: There’s an impala in here somewhere! 
No 13: A cheetah cub
No 14: a common snipe in the shoreline 
No 15: a night hawk 
No 16: a coyote at the edge of the bush 
No 17: a blue dacnis 
Isn’t nature amazing?


Dla Hussaira, Graży Bekas z 9 -tki


About Sznajder Marcin

Certain man chose several books in the library. He asked the librarian near their receipt how many time would take him reading all. The librarian burst out laughing and said that the gathering counted the thousands of books and the hundred of lives it was enough not on reading all. That man gave up the ones several who he chose, and said then. Some different way has to exist. Marcin - Stuntman and the consultant, the operator of under-water pictures and II the director of films. Graduate of The department Electronics Engineering college of Varsovian.

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